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High Performance Computing (HPC) & Data Centre

   The centre is equipped with a Linux based supercomputing cluster named “Param Serengeti”. The facility is for education and research in various scientific fields. The facility includes 20 Terabytes of raw storage and 38 Terabytes of tape backup along with relevant backup software.
   Real life complex problems and scientific and engineering research are the driving force behind that led to the introduction of Param Serengeti (HPC) at the Centre of Excellence in ICT in DIT. HPC researchers may demonstrate applications in critical scientific and engineering fields such as computational atmospheric sciences, bioinformatics, computational structural mechanics, evolutionary computing, computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics and seismic data processing.

Super Computer

It is a high performance computing for education and research in various scientific fields.


The Center is offering variety of ICT courses that have been derived from the rich Research. Our courses target towards the students from varied background who aspire to make a successful career in the ICT industry.


Tele-Eductaion is offered at the Centre to different ten Community Information Centres across the country.


Distance Medical Consultation can be made at the center through its Telemedicine department to different Community Informantion Centres in Tanzania.

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