21st OCTOBER 2016 - UPDATED ON 24th OCTOBER 2016

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All 2015/16 graduating students are required to review and update the following information in OSIM:

  1. Passport Size photo
  2. Personal information
  3. Contacts Information
  4. Academic Results from 1st year to 3rd year

Failure to complete the required information will result in the failure to produce your Examination Transcripts which will be awarded during graduation ceremony or after the graduation ceremony.

The Deadline for this process is 1st October 2016.

Follow Instructions below on how to update the required information.

  1. Passport Photo
    1. Login to your OSIM account using your registration number and Password. If you do not have an account, create one through this link:
    2. Use a Digital camera to take the passport size photos, and transfer the taken photo to your computer using USB Flash Drive or Memory Card for your mobile phone.
    3. Follow the link bellow to set your profile Picture (Follow this link only when after you have logged in).
      2. Click on the upload new photo button to upload your profile photo (Passport size)
  • Specifications of the Photo is as follows:

          Accepted Size: Passport size (600pixels(width) x 800pixels(height)),(1200pixels(width) x 1600pixels(height)). 

          Maximum size: 1200pixels(width) x 1600pixels(height)

            Background: Blue/White background

            Appearance: Decent Quality

            Aspect Ratio: 3:4 (width, height)


The above photos are samples required for your transcripts

NB: All scanned passport size photos are not accepted.

  1. Personal & Contact Information
    1. Login to your OSIM account using your registration number and password. If you do not have an account register through this link
    2. Follow this link after login to update the required information:
      2. Click on the edit information button to edit the information
  • Provide your home address/ P.O box, your correct date of birth, and your correct contacts information

     3. Examination Results Review 

          Please review your results for all academic years and semesters attended, Incase they are missing please use the provided inline popup to comment about your results.

          comments: Provide your name, course and registration number, 

                              Provide the module code where the results are incorrect whether it is the CA or the Final.

Sample: Junade Johnson, Beng13-mee, 120342200302,

        1. MET 071233 - CA

        2. MET 073022-CA and FE are missing

        3. MET 08344 - CA and FE are incorrect

        4. Overall GPA semester 1 is incorrect/missing/not shown

        5. Annual status is incorrect


When you get this information please share it with your fellow graduating students.


 NB: Deadline is 1st October 2016, any late changes after that will result in failure to produce your transcripts.

Those who have arleady cannot find the image upload link: Write an email with your name, registration number,phone no,date of birth, P.O Box address and attach your passport size photo: to


Roy R. Elineema