Mwanza Campuses

Dr. Albert G. Mmari
BSc. Ed. (UDSM),
MSc. Physics (UDSM),
MSc. Seismology (Norway),
DTech Chemistry (RSA)


It is of great honour to continue sharing with you more about developments made by DIT Mwanza campus (formerly known as Tanzania Institute of Leather Technology [TILT]), which started in May 2010 as a branch of DIT. The purpose of its establishment was to support Tanzanian hides and skins derived industries. Since then, growth has been steady and in 2014, it was granted provisional registration by NACTE to offer technician programmes leading to the qualifications of National Technical Awards Levels 6 [NTA level 6] (Ordinary Diploma) in leather.
In academic year 2015/16 a new program will be introduced, Leather Products Technology leading to an award of Basic Technician Level [NTA level 4] and eventually Ordinary Diploma. It is through these technical and business trainings, DIT Mwanza will transform leather sector into value added, dynamic and finally a vibrant industry.
We are thankful to our development partners (local and international) whose number has been increasing yearly. These include our Government Ministries, Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB), Leather Association of Tanzania (LAT), Small Industrial Development Organization (SIDO) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to mention a few.
                                                                                    "A GOOD DEED IS NEVER LOST"
  • Head
    Dr. Albert. G. Mmari, BSc. Ed. (UDSM), MSc. Physics (UDSM), MSc. Seismology (Norway), DTech Chemistry (RSA)
  • Ag. Assistant Head (Academic Affairs)
    Eng. Issa Mwangosi BSc Eng. (UDSM), MBA(Marketing)(OUT)
  • Ag. Assistant Head (Administration and Finance)
    Mr. William Lohay BSc Ed (UDSM), MIEM (UDSM)
  • Tutorial Assistants
    Mr. Dickson D. Katendele, Dipl., Comp.Eng. (DIT); B.Eng. Information System & Network Eng. (SJUT)
    Mr. Juma Magambo, BSc. (Chemistry & Biology) (UDSM)
  • Senior Instructors
    Mr. William Lohay BSc Ed (UDSM), MIEM (UDSM)
    Mr. Issa Mwangosi, BSc Eng. (UDSM), MBA(Marketing)(OUT)
    Mr. Moukhtar Ahmed, BSc. Ed. (Chem & Maths) (UDSM)
  • Instructors
    Mr. Mahamud Abdallah, BS.Chem. Eng.(UDSM)
  • Senior Human Resource and Administrative Officer I
    Ms. Alice Mwasyoge, BBA (UDSM), MSc. (HRM) (MU)
  • Accountant I
    Mr. John Kwiyolecha, ADA (IFM), CPA (NBAA)