Ordinary Diploma Application Through Pre Entry

A.2 Indirect Entry Applicants / Pre Entry Applicants
Qualified Applicants under this category will be considered after undergoing a 12 weeks Pre-Entry Course which is tentatively scheduled at the beginning of July 2016
A.2.1 Minimum Entry Qualification 

Holder of Certificate of Secondary Education with minimum passes of “D” grade (a maximum of 12 total points) or (a minimum of 3 total points) based on the following conversions; A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 for applicants who completed Form IV in 2015 and 2013) and A=5, B+=4, B=3 C=2, D=1 (for applicants who completedForm IV in 2013 and 2014) respectively in the following three subjects; Physics/Engineering Science, Mathematics and Chemistry or English.

 Holder of Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with a minimum passes of “D” in Mathematics and at least Trade Test II/NVA level II or above in the related field of study from VETA accredited Institution. 
Applicants of Science and Laboratory Technology, Biomedical Equipment Engineering, Biotechnology and Food Science and Technology must have must have a minimum pass of D in Chemistry and Biology in addition to the above requirements. 

A.2.2 Condition for Pre-Entry Course Admission 

Candidates must undergo and pass a twelve weeks Pre-Entry training before consideration for admission. The tuition fees is Tshs. 190,000/= for males and145,000/= for females excluding costs for meals. Cost for hostel accommodation is Tsh1000/- per day. 
Candidates who will successfully pass the Pre-Entry scheme will be considered for admission to Ordinary Diploma Programmes as private candidates on competitive basis 
There are limited vacancies under government sponsorship for females who will pass the pre-entry course 


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