Chief Accountant

Head of Department

Department Head

Functions of Finance Department

  • The department will be led by Chief Accountant and will perform the following functions:
  • Manage all matters related to Finance Management,
  • Facilitates the auditing of DIT books of accounts by both Interna and external Auditors and ensures that both Internal and External Audit queries are replied promptly and recommendations are implemented,
  • Involved in the designing and reviewing of accounting and Financial policies, procedures, controls and guidelines,
  • Ensures the application accounting policies, procedures and internal controls as stipulated in the Institute a accounting manuals and financial regulations,
  • Establishes and maintain books of account or Computerised Accounting system in use and related record in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
  • Prepare necessary documents for disbursements of funds;
  • Develop and operationalise DIT Financial regulations and Manuals;
  • Prepare budgets and periodic financial statements;
  • Facilitate various payments and salaries;
  • Manage payroll;
  • Manage assets;
  • Prepare and effect all authorized payments; and
  • Collect and manage revenues according to guidelines