Computer Studies Staff Members

Head of Department

  • Hosea Shimwela, MSc. in Global e-Policy and e-Government (Seoul, South Korea) Assistant Lecturer


  • A. Nungu BSc Comp.(UDSM), MSc. Comp.(Sweden) PhD (Sweden)
  • Y. Challo,Cert. (Comp.Techno.) (Japan), BSc. Ed.(Dar),M Eng. (Comp.)(China)
  • D.S. Simbeye B.Eng.Electronics (Russia), MEng (Russia), Ph.D (China)
  • V. A. Ndume, Adv. Dipl Comp. (IFM), PGD (UDSM), Ph.D (NMAIST)
  • D.H Kisanga, Cert. (Comp.Techno.) (Japan),BSc. Ed (Dar), M Eng. Comp. (China) PGD(Res. Pr), PhD (ed) (UK

Assistant Lecturers

  • *N.M. Mwasaga, MSc Comp (Ukraine) S. J. Mwalembe, BSc. Ed.(UDSM) MSc.Electronics (UDSM)
  • *F. Mwalongo, BSc. Comp. (UDSM), MSc(India)
  • I. Hassan BSc IT ( Malaysia), MSc IT ( Malaysia)
  • *C. Budoya, BSc (UDSM) MSc Comp. (UDSM)
  • * H. Fimbombaya , Beng. Comp (Russia), MSc,Digital Comm(UK)
  • *S. Kimbi BSc Comp. (UDSM) MSc, (Comp.) (Sweden)
  • P.L.Ngļæ½imba, BSc.Electronics ( UDSM),MSc. Multimedia Eng. (UK)
  • *E. Kondela, BSc.Comp,Ukraine),MSc. (China)
  • D.H. Clement, FTC Comp. (DIT), BSc.(UDSM), MSc. (China)
  • G. Tesha, Beng. (DIT),M. Eng Comm (China)
  • N. Maganga, BSc. Com. Sc (UDSM), MSc. Comp (UDSM)
  • J. J. Nnko BEng & Tech Computer (Russia), MEng Comp (Russia), MSc. Information System (Russia)
  • S. M. Wambura, BEng Computer Design and Technology (Russia)

Tutorial Assistant

  • *R. Jesse, B.Eng. (Comp)(DIT)
  • *T. Isakwisa,BSc. Comp (UDSM)
  • H. Alexander,B.Eng. (Comp) (SJUIT)
  • *J.M. Selestine B .Eng. (Comp) (SJUIT)
  • V.E.Kannole ,BSc. Comp. (IFM)

Senior Instructor

  • *Lott Champuku, BSc.Computer Science (IFM), PG Diploma in advanced Computing (Pune-India)
  • D. Shija Meng (China)
  • H.F. Msechu, B.Tech IT (St. Joesph College of Eng. & Tech), PG Diploma in Advance Computing (Pune-India)
  • H. Mohamed, FTC. Comp (DIT), Adv. Dipl. Comp (China), Meng. Comp (China)


  • O.O. Mwambe, BSc. Comp. (Ukraine)
  • K. Mwalami, FTC Comp. DIT, B. Eng. Comp. (DIT),Msc in Information Security (IAA)
  • C.C. Ngirwa, BSc. Computer Security(UDOM)
  • *N.D.Kimario,Dipl Comp. Eng (DIT),B. Eng. Comp. (DIT)
  •  D.Kaaya,Dipl Comp. Eng (DIT),B. Eng. Comp. (DIT)


  • V. Sichirima Cert (Electrical) VETA
  • *R.Angotike, Dipl Comp. Eng (DIT)
  • D.E. Maduhu, Dipl. Comp Eng. (DIT)
  • A. Mrema, FTC (DIT)