Dean Of Students

Dean of Students
MA (Ed) (UDSM)
Department Head


  • The department will be led by Dean of Students and will perform the following functions:
  • (a)   Oversees student guidance and counseling services at the Institute in collaboration with relevant departments;
  • (b)   Supervises the administration of students’ welfare services;
  • (c)   Organizes, in collaboration with other Institute organs, the orientation programmes for fresh students;
  • (d)   Develops appropriate strategies for anticipating, controlling and managing students conflicts;
  • (e)   Foresees and anticipates students needs and potential problems and liaises with Institute management in order to avert destructive conflicts;
  • (f)   Ensures that the Institute students by-laws and regulations are observed and necessary actions are taken to those violating them;
  • (g)  Monitors and ensures that catering services being provided by the contracted party are of acceptable standards;
  • (h)  Supervises  janitorial services outsourced to private service providers;
  • (i)   Coordinates the management and affairs of the students organization;
  • Advices the Deputy Rector ARC on all matters related to students’ affairs