Electrical Engineering

Head of Department
BSc. Eng (UDSM),
MS Electrical Eng. (USA),
PhD Eng. (USA), G. Eng (T),
Department Head

The Department offers NTA Ordinary Diploma (level 4-6) in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Equipment Engineering, and Renewable Energy Technology. It also offers (NTA level 7-8) Bachelor of Engineering Program. The Department has adequate resources which include laboratory and teaching facilities, 23 qualified teaching staff members with various qualifications and one competent and experienced Technician. Details of the courses are provided below.

List of Courses Offered:
  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering read more..
  • Ordinary Diploma in Electrical Engineering read more..
  • Ordinary Diploma in  Biomedical Equipment Engineering read more..
  • Ordinary Diploma in Renewable Energy Technology  read more..

Lecturer and Head of Department

  • DR. S. Karugaba