Human Resourse And Administration

HRO Manager
Department Head

The department will be led by Human Resources & Administration Manager and will perform the following functions:

  •     Oversee proper implementation of Public Service Act, Regulations; Standing Orders and other Labour laws

  •     Maintain and update employees’ records

  •     Oversee employees’ benefits (social security benefits, allowance etc) and entitlements

  •     Facilitate employee relations and welfare including health, safety, sports and culture

  •     Provide registry, office records, messengerial and courier services

  •     Facilitate security services, transport and general utilities

  •     Facilitate general custody service and maintenance

  •     Coordinate implementation of ethics and value promotion functions including corruption prevention education

  •     Coordinate staff recruitment, selection, placement, confirmations and transfers

  •     Facilitate staff training and development (career, professional, skill enhancement) for the Institute

  •     Facilitate orientation/induction programs for the new entrants

  •     Prepare human resources plan

  •     Salary administration and payroll processing

  •     Coordinate implementation of Employees’ Performance Appraisals

  •     Oversee services related to separation from the service (retirement, resignation, etc)

  •     Serve as a Secretariat to management meetings

  •     Develop/review and Operationalise Client Service Charter and

  •     Initiate and implement various performance improvement programs.