Ict Services

Head of Department
Adv Dipl. Comp Science,
MSc IT and Mgt.(IFM)
Department Head

The Department engages actively with the Institute community, soliciting its current and changing requirements in support of the Vision and Strategy in order to:

  •  meet users’ expectations and needs for high quality services in ICT.

  •  deliver those services effectively, efficiently and responsively

  •  develop and enhance close partnership with departments and other institutions so as to encourage the best working practice

  •  plan ahead cooperatively to keep pace with change in it providing leadership for innovation in ICT

  •  deploy with economy and efficiency its resource (HR) of people , money , space and equipment

The key objectives for the Department

  •  implement strategies for improving ICT infrastructure and for support to teaching staff as well as involving the department’s staff in developing the new culture in ICT

  •  play a leading role in developing and implementing the Institute’s ICT/Information Strategy

  •  exploit the opportunities for the future Learning Resource Centre to improve support for teaching, learning and research

  •  Contribute to and enhance Institute initiatives in open and distance learning, lifelong learning, regional development and other outreach services

  •  Improve service quality to students (e.g. inter-library loans, enquiry handling, registration for ICT services etc.

  •  Improve robustness, resilience of ICT systems in the Institute.