Institute Consultancy Bureau

Head of Department
MSc. Eng (Bulgaria),
Reg. .Eng (T), MIET ,
PhD,Eng. Mgt (UDSM)
Department Head
The Institute Consulting Bureau (ICB –DIT) was established/transformed from former RCB to administer and coordinate all Consultancy and Continuing Education including Pre-Entry Courses activities carried out by DIT.

Specifically, it was established with the following main objectives.

  • To coordinate and promote Consultancy and Continuing Education and Pre-Entry Course activities among members of the DIT

  • To oversee the quality of Consultancy and Continuing Education and Pre-Entry Course services and related assignments undertaken by DIT

  • To develop DIT’s human capacity in Consulting Skills

  • To coordinate and facilitate multi-disciplinary Consultancy activities being executed at the institute by staff members

  • To link DIT-Consultancy and Continuing Education and Pre-Entry Course activities with Industries, National and International Professional Association.

 List of Staff in the Institute Consultancy Bureau


 J.N. Mkilania MSc.Eng (Bulgaria) PhD Eng.Mngt (UDSM)


 The objective of the Bureau is to enhance the capability of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology in order to contribute effectively to the industrial development of Tanzania through the provision of professional engineering consulting services, expert professional services and conduct and administer continuing professional development programmes by using resources at the institute and hence generate revenue for the institute and its staff.

 The specific objectives of the bureau shall be to:

  • Promote and administer the implementation of consultancy policies and procedures for all commercial activities in the institute that fall under its jurisdiction.

  • Enhance the capability of DIT to contribute effectively in the industrial development of Tanzania through the provision of consultancy, expert professional services and professional advancement (or development engineers and technologists.

  • Enable the institute to generate funds to subsidies grants from the government and other donors for the institute to meet its financial needs.

  • Enables the staff in DIT to supplement their income thus enhancing staff retention.

  • Optimize the use of DIT expertise and resource to solve engineering technology and related problems.

  • Provide means for academic and other DIT staff to gain professional experience that shall be transferred to students and thereby improve quality of outputs  

  • Make available DIT training facilities to the general public through short term and medium course for the purpose of ensuring that engineers keep abreast with the rapidly advancing technology

  • Acquire knowledge on new development and needs in the trade and adjust curriculum accordingly

  • Provide expert technical support to existing industry operations and to facilities developments of new industries and their products.

  • Establish and offer regular professional development programs for the advancement of local engineering personnel in the industry.

  • Facilitate establishment and enhancement of contracts and relations between DIT staff and industries.

  • Provide a platform through which DIT staff can transfer their knowledge and skills to industry and

  • Assist DIT staff to develop competencies in soliciting for jobs and in preparing winning proposals for consultancies and services.