Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department
BSc.MEng (UDSM),
PhD. Mech,

, Inov. Eng (SUA), Reg. Eng. (T)

Department of  Head

Mechanical Engineering is the prime mover of any Nation Development. Nothing can be manufactured without the involvement of Mechanical Engineering. Due to fast increase of manufacturing, mining and (oil and gas) industries, the well qualified Technicians and Engineers are highly needed. These personnel can be obtained from Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


The Department offers Ordinary Diploma and Bachelor of Engineering (NTA level 4-8) in Mechanical Engineering. The Department has adequate physical resources which include classrooms, laboratories and workshops. In addition, the Department has 30 teaching staff and technical supporting personnel consisting of 11 members.

List of Courses Offered:
  • Bachelor Degree in mechanical Engineering read more..
  • Ordinary Diploma in Mechanical Engineering read more..
Also the Institute offers Master of Engineering in Maintenance Management where a student can opt to take the mechanical engineering elective modules.

 Lecturer and Head of Department

  • Eng.F.Sanga, BSc.MEng (UDSM), MSc.MEng, PhD. Mech, Inov. Eng (SUA),Reg. Eng.(T)