Publication And Nurification Of Results

Publication and Notification of Results

Provisional Results Publication
The provisional results of candidates in every examinationshall be published by the Registrar soon after the Institute’s Academic Board meeting but the results shall be provisional until the Academic Committee of the Council confirms them.

Right and Discretion of the Institute

(a) The issue of results and awards shall be entirely at the discretion of the Academic Committee of DIT Council.
(b) The Institute, subject to the approval of the Council, shall amend the classification of, withhold or nullify an award of any candidate in proved cases of irregularity or any other forms of fraud, or to revoke, any certificate it has already awarded, and to require the awarded certificate to be returned to the Institute.

Release of Examinations Results and Candidates Responsibilities

(a) Candidates shall be informed where and how to get their results as directed by the Academic Committee.
(b) The Institute shall not, except in its absolute discretion, communicate with candidates or parents, or any other person claiming to act on behalf, on matters related to examination results.
(c) Candidates shall be responsible for maintaining an awareness of their academic performance and dates of normal, supplementary and re-take examinations.

The Timing and Means of Release of examination results

(a) Examination results shall be published immediately after the approval of the Academic Committee. The results may be posted on departmental boards and shall bear a certification of the Registrar.
(b) The Institute may also use other means including its own website and tools such as the electronic platform software to give notices on matters related to examination results.
(c) In the event Institute releases examination results by publishing in the news media, notice-boards or its official website, only examination numbers/ registration numbers shall be used. Under no circumstances shall names or any other identification known to a third party shall be used for releasing the results to the general public.