Telecom Department Staff Members

List  of  Academic staff in  department  of electronics  and  telecommunication  Enngineering

Lecturer and Head of Department

  1. Rugumira, FTC Eng (DTC), ADE (DIT), MSc (China), PhD (China)

 Senior Lecturer

  1. K.A. Greyson, FTC Eng (DTC), ADE Eng (DIT), PGD (Temple - USA), MSc Telecom Eng. (UDSM) ,PhD (Surenaree, Thailand) IEEE Member


  1. M.D. Kabadi, FTC Eng (DTC) ADE Eng (DTC), BSc (Hons) (Pretoria), MSc. (Electronics) (Pretoria)
  2. A. Manyele, Dip.TV & VCR tech. (Canada), BSc. Applied Physics (UDSM), MSc. ( Seismology) (Norway), PhD (UDSM)
  3. J.A. Msumba, FTC Eng (DTC), ADE (DIT) BSc. (Hons)), MSc. (Electronics) (Pretoria, RPS), Grad. IET, PhD (Pretoria, RPS).
  4. P.E. Pesha, BSc. (Electronic Science & Comm. ((UDSM), MSc. Eng Electronics (Stellenbosch, RSA) PhD Eng. (Cape Town, RSA,) IEEE Member
  5. P. Fahamuel, ADE (DIT), MSc (China), PhD, (UK)
  6. J.W. Matiko, FTC Eng (DIT), Beng (DIT), MSc. Lund (Sweden), PhD, (UK)

 Assistant Lecturers

  1. ** M. M. Mburuma, FTC Eng (DTC), ADE Eng (DTC), (PGD) (Dar),MSc. Eng (UDSM)
  2. N.G. Nzowa, FTC Eng (DTC), MSc. Eng (USSR)
  3. Ally, BSc (Electronic Science & Comm. (UDSM), MSc Telecom Eng. (China)
  4. *P.Haule, FTC (DTC), Beng (DIT), MSc. Comm. (Warwick, UK).
  5. Lihakanga, FTC (DIT), Beng (DIT), MSc (Glamorgan, UK) , Grad Eng (T) Grad IET
  6. O. Mfinanga, FTC Eng (DTC), ADE Eng (DIT), PGD (UDSM), MSc(UDSM)
  7. J. Mohamed, FTC (TCA), B.Eng (DIT), MSc. (UDSM)
  8. *E. Mkiramweni, BSc (China). MSc. (China)

Tutorial Assistants

  1. * J. Hossea, BEng Electronics & Telecom. (ST. Joseph, Tanzania)
  2. * I. Kamanga, BSc. Telecom (UDSM)
  3. * B. Elphace, BEng Electronics & Telecom. (DIT)
  4. *Ignasi, BEng Electronics & Telecom. (DIT)
  5. Lello, BEng Electronic & Telecom. (DIT) Grad Eng. (T)

Principal Instructor II

  1. *Bakunda, BSc Telecom UDSM.
  2.  Kajange, BEng Electronics & Telecom (DIT)
  3. *Selemani, BSc. Telecom (UDSM)

Laboratory Technicians I

  1. M. Kibani, FTC Eng (TCA)

Laboratory Technicians II

M.D Shirima, OD ETE (DIT)

N. Isaack, OD ETE (DIT)

* On study leave

** contract