Procedures For Appealing Examination

Procedure for Appealing Exam

Procedure for Appeal

  1. Except where unfair marking or other irregularity in the conduct of any examination is alleged, no appeal shall be entertained in respect of any such examination on any other grounds.
  2. Appeals shall be lodged to the Registrar through the Heads of the respective Departments using appeal forms within seven (7) working days from the date of the provisional publication of results, unless directed otherwise by the Principal.
  3. The Registrar shall forward the appeal to the Academic Appeal Committee that shall determine the validity or otherwise of the appeal and shall give its recommendations to the Academic Committee at its normal meeting.
  4. All appeals must be accompanied by a non – refundable appeal fee prescribed per module by the Principal at the beginning of each academic year.
  5. The decision of the Council shall be final and no further appeals shall be entertained.
  6. No mass action by students shall be entertained in academic matters as per regulations.

Preservation of Examination Scripts

  1. Written examination scripts and examinations records, like, practical examinations, shall be preserved for at least one year after publication of the results.
  2. The examination scripts and examinations records of failed modules shall be preserved until a year after their clearance.