Fee Structure

Ordinary Diploma (OD) Program-Government Sponsored

Ordinary Diploma (OD) Programme-Private Sponsored Student

Costs payable direct to the Ordinary Diploma (OD) Students

Bachelor Degree (B.Eng./B.TECH) Programs

Costs payable direct to the B.Eng./BTech (NTA LEVEL 7-8) Students

Master of Engineering in Maintenance Management (MEng MM) and Master of Technology in Computing and Communications (MTCC) Programmes

Costs payable direct to the M.Eng and MTCC students

Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy Engineering Programme

Fees/Costs Payable to MESEE students

Special Faculty/Course requirements for Bachelor Degree Programs

Hostel Charges per academic year as additional

Other Additional Costs

Tuition Fee And Other Fees Payable To The Institute

All fees and other payments payable to the Institute should be paid through any branch, CRDB Bank DIT, A/C No. 0150408417800 except DITSO and NHIF fee are paid through any branch, NBC bank DIT, A/C No.01113005481. Original Bank pay in slips should be presented before registration. Fees once paid will not be refunded. DIT Bankers: CRDB, Vijana Branch – DSM A/C No. 0150408417800.

For Master of Degree Programs payment should be made through NBC account with the following bank details: Bank Account: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology Account Number: 011103005389 Bank: NBC (any Branch).

NB A retake student has to pay the tuition fee in full if the modules he/she retakes spread over both semesters of an academic year. If the module/modules he/she retakes are in a single semester of an academic year, he/she has to pay fifty percent (50%) of the tuition fee.