DIT Company
Director General

Dr John Andrew Msumba

PhD Electronic Eng. (University of Kwazulu- Natal- RSA)

The Dar es salaam Institute Technology Company Ltd is an engineering company based in Dar es Salaam. The Company has been working in close collaboration with Institute Consultancy Bureau of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology since 2010.
In 2017 the Company stood as its own entity as a Limited Company with registration no 78565 and started coordinating the use of the expertise and other resources to contribute effectively to the industrial and socio- economic development of the nation.
The company is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of civil, electrical, electronic and telecommunication, laboratory technology, mechanical, computer and industrial works. The Company is an implementing agency of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) .The Company engages itself in various professional activities in all engineering works.

To become a leading coordinator and promoter of DIT innovation products both nationally and internationally.

To commercialize Institute’s innovation products and professional works through coordinating, facilitating, development and marketing of students and staff applied research results.

To provide a framework for execution and implementation of all major functions of the Company thereby contributing more effectively to income generation, addressing societal problems and enhancing quality of teaching and learning as well as research production and innovation.